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About us

As a manufacturer of premium lubricants for the automotive and industrial sectors, our company has been offering a wide range of lubricating oils and greases for a multitude of applications for more than 100 years (founded in 1919). We develop, produce and distribute our products, advise our customers and provide a comprehensive all-in-one service through to assistance with disposal issues.

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  • Selective, global acquisition of highest quality raw materials
  • Processing according to tested and proven formulation to finished products at the Austrian site
  • Production of lubricating oils, greases, pastes, gels, fluids and other important operating materials
  • Conception of customized products for specific applications according to customer requirements: Tailor-Made Line

Our high-quality lubricants are qualitatively strictly tested and examined in the in-house laboratories on all essential criteria. The quality assurance is carried out consistently and is part of our philosophy top performance "Made in Austria".

Our 100 years of expertise and customer satisfaction prove our services and our family business for generations.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015
Research and Development

Constant research and development activities give us the opportunity to continuously launch new and more efficient products which exceed the latest and future technical as well as environmental requirements.


At the center of our efforts is competent and professional advice with 100 years of experience in innovative problem solutions. Product selection, comparison of products, recommendation for the desired use case, product realization, presentation and introduction of new developments. Product and quality monitoring. Assistance in planning and procurement of tank and conveyor systems, organization and solution of waste disposal.

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For a professional full-service provider like EVVAOIL, it goes without saying that we are also at the end of the product cycle. We are more than aware of this responsibility and care for our customers in a professional and environmentally friendly way. According to "Bonus Entpflichtung 3086", emptied containers and all packaging material can be disposed free of charge at all Bonus contract partners. You can find the list of takeover points at bonus.at.

Used lubricants (waste oils) are subject to the Austrian Waste Management Act (Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz). On request, authorized waste oil collectors pick up used oils. Improper disposal is against the law and endangers our environment.


In 1919, three engineers decided to combine their ingenuity. Under the name "Erfindungs-Versuchs-Verwertungs-Anstalt" (Inventions-Experiment-Utilization-Institute) they founded a company where ideas and inventions should come to life. The innovative power of the founding years has been preserved to this day and is reflected in our traditional family business.



Even today we keep our finger on the pulse and accept every challenge with passion. From environmental protection to the special requirements of the high-performance industry, we deal with all aspects and offer the most modern and highest-quality products for all areas of application. Since we have more efficient production structures, we are able to offer more attractive conditions than our competition at even better quality levels.

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